Newly Adopted Dog Leaves Model Almost Blind After Pet Went Berserk And Mauled Her Face

A model from Poland almost lost one of her eyes after her newly adopted rescue dog went berserk and mauled her face.

Aleksandra Prykowska from Warsaw, Poland, was rushed to a hospital last week after Logan, her newly adopted pet dog, bit her and mauled her face.

Prykowska reportedly adopted the dog a couple of months ago from a local animal shelter in Warsaw, Poland.

The model said that they had no problems with the dog initially.

However, last week the dog, Logan, went berserk.

The dog reportedly mauled the face of Aleksandra, which caused blood facial injuries, causing her to nearly lose an eye.

She has since decided to give the pet dog back.

In the post that she made on social media, Aleksandra said:

I had an accident and had to make the most difficult decision in my life. I do not want to write about the details now, because it is most important for me to protect what is left for me. I am not writing to bother you. I am alive and looked after. I just can’t work in this current state. There are situations in life that change us forever.

The model also claimed that the shelter hid information about the past of the puppy.

The model did not name the center that helped her adopt the dog.

She added:

I’m afraid that another person may be hurt because Logan destroyed my face, bit me several times, not only me and my neighbour’s daughter but also the wife of the previous owner, even before he got to the shelter. I’d like to find a behaviourist for Logan who will look after him. You can’t hide such important facts about Logan’s past. He is a great dog, but he needs special professional care.

Defending her decision to return Logan, the dog that mauled her, Aleksandra said:

Logan was very attached to me, he didn’t want to go back to the shelter. Driving to the hospital I was afraid that there would be consequences. I didn’t know if Logan would be put to sleep, I remember it used to be this way. For the first 10 days, I was silent, I didn’t even tell my parents. But I wouldn’t be able to take care of him with only one working eye. Specialists told me that soon it could be even worse. I saw that the dog began to behave differently. After this event he was tense, he did not follow my commands. I tried not to show fear, but I live alone, I was afraid.

We hope you will have a fast and safe recovery Aleksandra.

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