North Carolina Woman Finds 2 Headed Snake Inside Her House And Names It “Double Trouble”

A North Carolina woman found a 2 headed snake inside her house and ended up naming it “double trouble”.

Jeannie Wilson, the woman, was in the sunroom of her house in Alexander County, North Carolina, which is located in the USA when she saw the extremely rare 2 headed snake slithering around in their house.

Ok facebook…anybody out there know of a place that would take Double Trouble here and care for him/her or should I turn it loose?..Its not poisonous

Posted by Jeannie Wilson on Sunday, 27 September 2020

Wilson was left in extreme shock after realizing that the snake has 2 heads.

The snake is around 1 foot long.

Wilson called her family right away after spotting the rare snake slithering around in their house to get it removed.

During an interview with the local press, Wilson said:

I called my son-in-law, who wasn’t far away, and he said he’d be back. I’m not crazy, guys. He’s got two heads. When he got there, he said, ‘He does have two heads, don’t he?’

The woman said that she did not want to kill the snake, so they just caught it and placed it inside a jar to keep it alive.

She added:

I saw its heads first and couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to kill it so we put it in a jar.

Wilson also shared a video of the snake on Facebook and revealed that she had named the snake as “Double Trouble”.

While sharing the pictures and news on Facebook, she said:

OK Facebook… anybody out there knows of a place that would take Double Trouble and care for him/her or should I turn it loose? It’s not poisonous.

The 2 headed snakes were later handed over to the Catawba Science Center, which identified the snake as a baby black rat snake.

The snake is around 4 months old.

Wilson said:

They told me it was around four months old and was a rat snake and was fixing to shed… I guess that’s why it wasn’t eating.

2 headed snakes have a hard time staying in the wild due to the fact that 2 heads control a single body. This makes it hard for them to survive and they also become easy prey to hunt down.

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