NSW Residents Could Now Face $100,000 Fine And 2 Years In Jail For Abusing Their Pet Or Any Animal

Good news for people that love animals!

People that are found guilty of abusing animals in New South Wales, Australia, will now be facing harsher sentences thanks to updated laws.

Adam Marshall, the Agriculture Minister, is set to outline the new rules this week.

The main point of the updated rules is to send out a clear message that the government of NSW will not tolerate any type of animal abuse.

People that commit crimes such as bashing animals, drowning animals, or torturing animals along with sexually abusing animals are going to face a fine of up to $100,000 and/or up-to 2 years in prison.

Before this, the fine was only at $22,000.

The criminals that are found guilty of animal abuse will also be banned from owning any other pet animal for the rest of their lives.

If you think that is all, you are wrong because that’s not all of it.

The government of NSWQ said that if someone fails to provide shelter and food to their animals, they can expect a fine of up to $16,500 and the possibility of spending 6 months in jail.

The fine for this act before was at $5,500.

Minister Marshall said:

People who commit these offences are without a doubt the worst of the worst people, they are absolute scum. In some cases, these punishments are more than double that in most other states, so when these laws are passed, NSW will have the toughest set of animal cruelty penalties in Australia. For the very first time we will be giving powers to the courts to issue an order for an individual from ever owning, caring or even breeding an animal anywhere in NSW.

The best thing about the news laws is that almost every animal welfare group or animal rights activists are supporting this new rule.

Steve Coleman, the CEO of RSPCA NSW, released a statement about the new rules and said:

RSPCA NSW welcomes the decision to increase penalty amounts in relation to animal cruelty offences. This decision sends a message that the community takes animal cruelty offences seriously and that offenders should expect to be dealt with accordingly in court.

Great set of rules to protect animals from abusive people!

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