Police Break Car Window To Save Tiny Dog From 50C Heat As Owner Went Away

The police were forced to smash a window of a vehicle after a dog owner left her dog trapped in the boiling vehicle for 4 straight hours.

Police officers in Seville, Spain, found a Yorkshire Terrier on the verge of death after it was left inside a car, which reportedly had 50C of temperature.

Images that were shared with the public, shows police officers smashing their way in through a passenger window.

They also doused cold water on the scared pooch.

The dog covered under the steering wheel as the police broke into the extremely hot vehicle.

After it was rescued, the dog reportedly cuddled a local.

As the officials rescued the dog, the car was towed afterward.

The 49-year-old owner of the pooch said that she did not see any issue with leaving the dog inside the vehicle.

The police released a statement about the incident, where they said:

Local police officers had to break the passenger seat window to rescue an animal that was very weak inside the vehicle, reaching more than 50C inside. Thanks to citizen collaboration, it has recovered. Its owner has been denounced for life-threatening animal abuse. Despite what happened, she insists that it’s fine to leave the dog in 40C heat and that this is not the first time this has occurred. Following this and the report made, the animal has been taken from her care.

The good thing is that the dog survived.

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