Poor Cat Undergoes Emergency Surgery After Lowlife Gangsters Glue Cat’s Eye

A poor cat had to undergo emergency surgery after lowlife gangers glued the cat’s eye.

26-year-old Claire Isaac said that he noticed the poor cat behaving out of character went is started to run away when she went close to her.

Claire then locked the entire house and held her pet so she could get a closer look at her.

Claire then realized that someone had glued the poor cat’s eye.

Claire rushed her 4-year-old Primrose cat to a veterinary, who said the glue burned the top of her eye.

The vet then decided to shave and clean up the eye of the cat, the vet also had to perform an emergency surgery that pulled out the glue that was stuck in the eye of the cat.

Claire shared the entire incident on Facebook, and almost everyone was left in shock when they found out the cat had to undergo such horrific things.

Claire said, “If someone was to call her over she would go and let them stroke her. She loves to climb and jump up things, I can’t understand how someone could do something like that to an animal.”

Luckily, the eyesight of the cat is fine and was not damaged.

A piece of glue that was stuck in the eye of the cat fell out a day after the surgery.

Claire said she is now scared to allow other people to pet her cat.

She added, “I don’t think of them as pets, they aren’t just a thing you own, I think of them as family, they mean the world to me.”

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