Poor German Shepherd’s Eyes Water Up After Owner Forcefully Feeds It Spicy Food During Live-Stream

A footage that is viral on the internet right now shows the eyes of a German Shepherd watering up after the owner forcefully fed it a spicy meal during a live-stream.

In the clip that was shared with the public, tears could be seen dropping from the eyes of the dog as it unwittingly eats the spicy dish.

It was reported that the food that the dog ate was a bowl of La Zi Ji, which is also known as Chongqing Chilli Chicken, a regional dish known for its extremely spicy flavors.

Images that were shared with the public shows the dog owners making the dogs eat the spicy food as they were viral on the internet.

A video that was shared shows the whole chilies in the mouth of the husky.

Another part of the clip shows a person holding the mouth of the husky and pouring popping candy down it.

Another video shows the 2 dogs challenged to eat 38 different varieties of inappropriate snacks and sweets.

It seems the trend has emerged as a sort of protest after the Chinese government launched the “Operation Empty Plate”, which is a new way to tackle food waste.

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