Poor Puppy Found Abandoned On Street In Turkey With 2 Front Legs Hacked Off


A poor little puppy was found wandering a street in Turkey with its 2 front paws chopped off.

The dog, who is badly injured, was discovered in the Turkish city of Samsun and was rescued by members of the local Animal Rights Federation.

HAYTAP (Animal Rights Federation) brought the poor one to a vet right away.

The little one underwent through emergency treatment.

Mustafa Kanat, a veterinarian, said that the dog’s legs were amputated with a sharp instrument.

The bone of the dog was not in a good state, which means the dog could possibly not wear any prosthetic legs.

Kanat added:

The rest of the bone is not in a good state and it may not be able to wear prosthetic legs. I think the puppy may be able to move around in a wheeled walker and use its hind legs. But I am really sorry, there are no words to say.

The police in Turkey have launched an official investigation into the incident, however, no arrests were made at the time.

Poor little one.

Our thoughts and prayers are with this dog, we hope the best for them.

Share this news and if you know anything about the person that did this crime, please contact the authorities!

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