Puppy Gets Dressed Up In Adorable Tuxedo To Meet New Owners But They Never Showed Up

A heartbreaking picture that was shared on the internet shows an adorable puppy dressed up in a tuxedo as he waited for his new masters, but none of them showed up.

Vincente, the dog, was dressed and groomed in a very good manner because he was ready to get adopted that day.

None of the owners showed up for him, never.

Fundación Rescátame, an animal charity group from Columbia, said that the adopters canceled the adoption process.

They shared the cute picture of the dog on social media with the caption of:

Vincente was left all dressed up and excited, ready for adoption. His supposed adopter never came to pick him up. Just as he was ready for a home, all bathed, they cancelled the adoption. And then they ask us how come we’re so strict with the adoption process – this is why! Because we don’t want to have any doubts that our furry friends will be in excellent hands for life. If you want to adopt, keep in mind that the commitment is for always, animals are not things you can have when you feel like getting a dog.

The post went viral right away and people started to send their love to Vincente, and some of them even offered to give the adorable puppy a home.

The charity later shared an update about the pooch and talked about how people from all over the world are willing to help.

In the post on Facebook, the charity said:

We are happily surprised that Vicente has come this far. People have written to us from Italy, Germany, France, Argentina, Peru, and many more Latin American countries to tell us that they saw Vicente and the foundation and want to be part of this story. Thank you! Just like Vicente, we have many furry friends in the foundation who want to find a great family. All the information to help us or adopt is found here.

The puppy is currently up for adoption.

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