Scared Golden Retriever That Was Trapped In Flood Is Rescued And Adopted By Mexican Navy

People who do good and help others will secure a safe spot in the heavens of goodness.

A video that is viral on the internet right now shows a golden retriever that was trapped in a flood in Mexico being rescued by kind navy responders.

The poor little one was holding on to a balcony with its front legs to remain above water.

It was later reported that the dog was adopted by the Mexican Navy.

The rescue took place in VIllaghermosa, a city that is located in the Mexican state of Tobasco on November 13, 2020.

Friday the 13th this year was not good.

In the video that was shared with the public, you can see members of the Mexican Navy operating a boat through the flooded areas of the city.

The navy was looking for people or animals that needed assistance when they come across the stranded dogs.

The dog could be seen standing up on 2 legs and submerged in the flood.

The dog was holding on a rim of a balcony with its 2 front paws and the little one had their head over water.

The rescuers slowly approached the dog and made sure that he would feel comfortable.

After realizing that the people were there to help him out, the dog allowed the navy personnel to grab him and bring him to safety.

Officers from the Mexican Navy later said that the dog was rescued and adopted by the institution.

They also confirmed that the dog was healthy and safe.

The dog was reportedly searching for an elevated place before it was rescued by the Navy.

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