Security Guard Holds Umbrella Over Dog During Heavy Rain While Waiting For Its Owner To Comeback

A security guard that’s working for Morrisons is currently being praised for his kind act after a picture of him sheltering a dog under his umbrella during heavy rain went viral on social media.

Ethan Dearman, the kind man that we’re talking about, was caught on cam wearing his uniform as he sheltered a Golden Retriever dog from the rain.

Mel Gracie, a Tattoo artist, shared the image on social media and said:

Shout out to this @Morrisons security man keeping this good boy dry. He said ‘well you never know how dogs feel about the rain’.

Gracie later found out that the security man was Ethan.

She tagged him in the thread and it went viral.

The post currently has over 118 thousand likes and over 15 thousand retweets.

In the post, Ethan said:

I didn’t think I’d go viral on twitter like this. I knew I was making people smile but this is something else entirely, lol.

A user who saw the post said: “The man is a hero. The owner of dog??? Needs a lesson in responsble ownership. Would owner leave their child, or value property unattended???”

Morrisons also retweeted the picture on their social media account.

In a statement that was shared with LADbible, the spokesperson of Morrisons said:

It’s going to be a wet week so we’ve issued nine thousand Morrisons umbrellas to keep our customers – and their dogs – dry. It’s good to see that it is already happening in our Giffnock store.

David Cherry, the owner of the dog, responded on the tweet that was made by Mel and said:

Thanks to security man @dearmanethan for putting the umbrella over Freddie when it started to rain! So kind! He’s always so nice to my brother Stuart, my Dad and our Freddie!

The best thing about this is that the kind security officer came to help when the owner of the dog left it alone in the rain.

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