Shocking Video Shows Heartless Tourists Beating Seal Unconscious So Children Could Take Picture With It

A shocking video that is viral on social media right now shows the moment a group of tourists brutally beat up a seal puppy unconscious with the help of rocks and sticks.

They did this so children could take pictures with it.

The horrifying incident happened in the city of Aktau, Kazakhstan, which is located on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea.

It is still unclear if the seal in the video survived or succumbed to the injuries that it sustained.

In the video, a playful grey seal pup could be seen swimming towards the shore near one of the city’s beaches before being approached by the group.

The man in the video, who is believed to be tourists, entered the water and started to beat the defenseless animals.

Laughing the entire time, the men brutally beat up the seal with their weapons of choice.

The incident happened in front of a lot of people, out of which no one helped or stopped the men from harming the poor seal.

An onlooker said that the men beat up the seal so children could pose for pictures with the seal.

A witness, who wanted to stay anonymous, said:

They beat the seal up until it passed out. Then they pulled it out of the water so that children could take pictures and have fun. After that, they threw the motionless body back into the sea. I don’t know if it survived.

Saken Dildakhmet, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Ecology, Geology, and Natural Resources, said that the incident was wild and outrageous.

He added:

Such an attitude can cause a great damage to the fauna of the Caspian Sea and adversely affect the behaviour of these animals who may become aggressive and attack people. We ask you to show respect to nature.

The police are now looking for the people that are involved in the horrible incident.

Everyone involved in the incident is facing a maximum of 2 years in jail.

Adil Shayakhmetov, Head of the Department of Territorial Inspection of Forestry and Animals, said:

There is cruelty to animals. Naturally, they will be identified… This is a punishable act by law.

Let’s all hope that the people in the video get identified and arrested for the horrible things that they did to that seal.

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