Spanish Bullfighters Are Asking The Government For A Massive €700 Million Bailout To Save The Controversial Sport

Spanish bullfighters and bullfighting organizations are currently asking the Spanish government for a €700 million bailout so the sport, which is extremely controversial, can be saved.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the entire country of Spain is on lockdown.

Countless of businesses, buildings, places, and organizations have been asked to be shut down so the virus can be stopped from spreading.

Sports and games have been shut down in the country due to the pandemic.

As a result, bullfighting has been stopped.

Fans in the country and all over the world are unable to gather in stadiums to watch bulls getting killed and abused by the bullfighters.

After the lockdown, a number of organizations and bullfighting promoters wrote a letter to Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes and asked him to help them save the sport.

They asked the government to give them €700m (£634m) in taxpayer cash.

Bosses are currently requesting the government to refund tickets for the canceled shows and pay the bullfighters their wages.

They also asked that VAT should be dropped.

As of now, there is no official confirmation on how the government will be responding to the requests of the fighters and organizations.

Uribes, the cultural minister of the country, is reportedly dedicated to resolving the situation.

However, people all over the world are not pleased with the demands of the organizations.

Marta Esteban, a Madrid base member of the Animal Guardians, criticized the bullfighting sector for asking a lot of money.

Esteban said, “They say they lost €700m. I guess that’s what they are looking for. But there’s no confirmation from the government on what they will do.”

She added, “In a moment in which the rest of Spain is giving its all to help each other, the bullfighting world is thinking on how to get money from us to help themselves.”

She continued, “The business of torturing animals for entertainment should never get public funding, much less now when the health system and helping the most needy should be the priority.”

Due to the fact that people cannot protest in the streets due to the lockdown, animal rights activists have taken their angers on social media.

The ‘#AyudasTauromaquiaNO’ hashtag went viral on Twitter.

Aïda Gascón, director of the Spanish NGO AnimaNaturalis, released a statement about the horrible request to the government.

Aïda said, “We believe not only that the government should ignore these demands, but that it should rethink aid to bullfighting and allocate it where it is most necessary.”

She added, “Public resources should not be used to promote shows based on animal abuse and mistreatment.”

She continued, “Even less so in the coming months, when all public effort and support will be needed to allocate them to health resources and to alleviate economic effects for families, freelancers and companies.”

The sport is heavily discriminated all over the world due to the fact that bullfighters kill and abuse bulls in the arena as people all over the world watch and applaud.

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