Stray Dog Tracks Down Workplace Of Man That Used To Feed Her At The Beach

Mohd Ridhuan, a man from Malaysia, came across a pack of stray dogs at a beach that he went to his friends and caught the attention of a good doggo.

In Johor Bahru, Malaysia, the dog, and other stray dogs came across Ridhuan, who has a soft spot for animals.

Ridhuan realized that the dogs were hungry, so he knew that he had to do something.

However there was a problem, Ridhuan was not sure about approaching the dogs because he was scared that they might attack him.

Luckily when he did, they did not do such thing, instead, they just wagged their tails.

From that day on, Ridhuan started to go to the beach whenever he was free so he could feed the 4 dogs, who identified him right away when he would visit the beach.

Sally, a dog that he named, was the one that loved Ridhuan the most.

One day, Ridhuan failed to make his daily journey to the beach, so Sally ended up tracking him down at the convenience store where he works and refused to leave.

Well, as you might have guessed, the store where Ridhuan works is now the home of Sally.

The 2 spend a lot of time together there, but there is a sad goodbye every time Ridhuan goes back home.

Ridhuan says that he tells Sally to stay at the restaurant that is located right next to the store where he works, which she does by the way.

Ridhuan says he could not have dogs at his apartment, so he is now in the process of looking for a home where he could put Sally in.

Such a good inspiration in times like these.

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