The Kitler: Adorable Kitten With Hitler Mustache Found Dumped In Holland

A little black and white kitten with a Hitler mustache was found dumped in a box in Amsterdam, Holland.

The cat, a male, has been named as Doljfe.

He has a small black strip of fur under its pink nose that is very similar to the mustache of Hitler, a fascist leader.

According to reports, the animal was found in a box in Molenwijk, which is north of the Dutch capital.

Despite having the Hitler Moustache, they did not hold them rescuing the animal.

The animal rescue said:

Good morning… we start the day with disbelief. Found in a box in the #Molenwijk #Amsterdam. He spent the night with us and from a reliable source we can report that he didn’t sit much in his cage. We called him Dolfje and almost ate him.

Images of the Kitler have received a lot of love since its images were shared with the public.

Dolfje is currently in a good condition is has found his forever home.

In an update that the shelter released, they said:

I’m soooo happy to be out of that box. I’ve been checked, get food and cuddles and going to foster home soon – so nice. That also means, unfortunately, it is not possible to adopt or book me because a lot of people have asked about me already. I think that’s super sweet, but I’m going to grow up first. But there are any more kittens and mums.

According to reports, the kitten is doing well and was brought to the Animal Shelter in Osdorp before it got adopted by a good person.

Dolfje is the latest in a line of kitties that is said to look like Hitler who has been abandoned.

Nicky Owen, the spokesperson of the North Clwyd Animal Rescues, said that the feline cat was abandoned due to the fact that it had a mustache like Adolf Hitler, a person that is hated by many people.

Owen explained:

We are afraid she was kicked out of her home because she looks like Hitler. People are so fussy with their pets these days and a Hitler moustache is not a desirable feature for a kitten. But she is very sweet and just needs a loving home and someone to care for her.

The best thing is that the cat has found its forever home.

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