Tourist Pets Curious Baby Whale That Swam Right Up To Her Boat

A lucky tourist got the time of her life when she got to pet a baby whale after it swam right up to her boat for a bit of scratching.

The incident happened when Sofia Sandoval Isaac was on a whale watching trip in Baja California, USA.

The baby whale came up to her boat and allowed the woman to pet her.

Isaac, who is from Guadalajara, Mexico, recalled the incident and said:

The video shows a baby grey whale being curious at the splash and boat. Yes you are able to touch them here at the nursery in Ojo de Liebre.  The mother whale was behind the baby at all times protecting him. This is my meaning of happiness.

Sofia pet the baby whale after it approached her boat.

The creature stuck around for a bit and allowed the kind whale watcher to rub her skin.

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