Venomous Snake Hides In Pile Of Wires That Looks Like Him

Let’s all agree on one thing, all crazy animal stories happen in Australia, there’s no denying in that and no one is willing to take that claim away.

In the most recent WTF moment, a family from Edens Landing, Australia, noticed that there was a snake in their garage.

The family became eager to get the snake out of their garage and release it in a place where it can be safe.

Unfortunately, the snake went on to hide in a place where he could never be found.

The sneaky snake hid into a large pile of electrical wires that were placed in the garage of the family.

The family had a large pile of electrical wires stored in their garage and the snake decided to hide in the pile of wires.

Once he was nestled in the pile, it was impossible to tell what was a wire and what was a snake, the family had no clue how they could get the snake out of the place without professional help.

This is when the family decided to call Tony Harrison, a snake catcher from Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Harrison, accompanied by his family, went out to the house in Edens and knew that this catch would require some extensive searching when he realized the snake was hiding in a pile of black and colored wires.

See the huge problem with this catch was that the snake was black, and so were the majority of the electrical wires.

Harrison, the snake catcher, was determined to catch the snake, so he started the process of sifting through the pile of wires.

After an extensive search, the snake catcher reached the bottom of the wires, where he saw the sneaky snake.

Harrison did a little bit of his searching and grabbed the snake by its tail and lifted it out of the pile of wires.

The sneaky snake was completely harmless and was placed in a bag so it could be taken to a safe place, where the snake catcher could release it.

The family said they were really grateful for Mr. Harrison as he managed to rescue the snake from their garage.

The family said they are going to remove the giant pile of wires in their garage as it is the best place for snakes to hide.

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