Watch: Dog Surprises Owners In Wedding By Joining Them For Their First Dance

Seth Funden and his bride Nicole got married earlier this year in Washington State, USA. They did tie the knot, but the highlight of their wedding was during their first dance.

During their first dance together as a married couple, their pooch, Eva, decided to join in and be the highlight of the evening.

Everyone at the wedding knew that Eva was part of the family and was really important to the couple.

Selena Mercedes, a guest at the wedding, said, “They both spend so much time with Eva.”

Selena added, “They take her everywhere they go.”

To prove how much Eva loves her owners, the pooch decided to join them in their first dance as a married couple.

Everyone was cheering and was happy to witness an adorable moment.

Here is the video of the moment:

Newlyweds, dog share first dance

THIS IS ADORABLE! Typically, a newlywed's first dance is reserverd only for the bride and groom. But when Seth and Nicole Funden hit the dance floor they were joined by their fur baby, Eva. 👰🐶🤵 DETAILS: Selena Mercedes

Posted by FOX 29 on Friday, 23 August 2019

Mercedes said the moment was so amazing that it brought “tears to my eyes”.

She added, “It was the sweetest thing. I had no idea it was going to happen.”

Thank god the unforgettable moment was captured on cam! This moment will be cherished by the couple throughout their lives!

Doggos should be protected at all costs!

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