Wild Penguins Freely Roam Empty Roads Of Cape Town During Coronavirus Lockdown

Because of the coronavirus lockdown, things have been extremely wild all over the world, and that includes South Africa.

Things have been extremely calm these days as residents of each area are staying inside their houses because of this pandemic.

This also means that the city streets are way silent now, but they are not really empty.

Mikaela Slier, a ranger that works in the Simon Town of Cape Town, was assigned to look after a colony of little African penguins living nearby.

Given the birds live extremely close to the city, the ranger had to make sure that they do not come across people.

But because everything is quiet right now, the penguins are doing everything by themselves.

Recently, Mikaela Slier spotted 3 adorable penguins strolling the streets of Cape Town because no one was roaming the streets.

Can’t believe it? Watch the adorable video below:

#Lockdown has its perks for #Africanpenguins in Simon’s Town. This is one of the reasons why our Penguin Rangers have their hands full but waddling down the street is enjoyable & safer for the birds these days, clearly!#AdoptAnEgg at https://bit.ly/3csbrtQ and get connected to the very heart of saving this #endangeredspecies.Video credit: @MikaelaSlierKeeping our seabirds safe with #CityofCT SANParks – Table Mountain National Park and Cape Town Environmental Education Trust – CTEET

Posted by SANCCOB saves seabirds on Friday, 17 April 2020

Because of this pandemic, keeping the adorable animals safe has been a task that is extremely easy for Slier.

During an interview, Slier said:

During lockdown they are free to roam the streets as much as they like without having cars and crowds of people surrounding them.

Basically, they own the streets of Cape Town right now.

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