Woman’s Toilet Blockage Turns Out To Be Caused By Family Of Tree Snakes

From massive spiders to animals that we have never seen before, Australia is a place that you do not want to mess with.

Sofie Pearson, a woman from Cordelia, North Queensland, noticed that there was a blockage in her toilet.

Upon investigating, she noticed something very scary, so much scary that she had to share the news on the internet.

Pearson, who is 25, opened the cistern to see what was wrong, and she ended up finding a family of snakes.

When she opened up, she saw many many tree snakes huddled together in their new house.

During an interview with 7News, Sofie recalled the moment and talked about how scared she was when she found the tree snakes.

She recalled:

I went to the toilet and then I went to flush it and I really had to push down on the button to get it to work, so I was a bit confused. So I figured I’d just pull the top off and check what the issue was. I sort of looked at them for a second and thought, ‘That’s not right.’

Most of us would run away if we saw something similar in our house, but Sofie did not.

The 25-year-old remained calm and called a friend to come help her remove the snakes.

Well, I would have left the house and probably set it on fire.

Jokes aside, the friend of Sofie came to the house and removed the snakes.

The snakes that were found were non-venomous. But you wouldn’t know that because experts say we should keep a safe distance from snakes and believe that they are all venomous.

It is believed that the snakes managed to get into the house of Sofie through cracks in the floorboards.

It remains a mystery on why the snakes decided to reside in her loo.

And for her toilet, it is working now.

The good thing is that no one was injured in the process of removing the snakes, which includes the animals themselves.

The snakes were released professionally into a nearby cane field.

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