California Paraglider Stuck For 3 Hours After Colliding With Power Lines

A paraglider in Northern California that collided with the power lines on Wednesday was stuck there for 3 hours as the power company launched a rescue mission to bring him down.

A statement from the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department said that the paraglider pilot got entangled with the power lines near the Yuba County Airport in Olivehurst, California, as he was trying to land.

PG&E, a utility company, had to cut the power of the area when the rescue crews tried to free the pilot.

After getting disentangled from the power lines, the man was treated by the paramedics that were on the scene.

The paraglider was also brought to a hospital nearby for a physical evaluation.

Randy York, the Olivehurst Fire Department Battalion Chief, said, “He’s exhausted. But seems all of his vitals seem to be stable.”

Randy added, “One of my employees was yelling, ‘Oh my gosh, a guy just hit.’ He was swaying back and forth.”

“He kept blacking out, and he kept saying ‘What happened, what happened?’”

The paraglider, whose identity was not shared with the public, got away with minor injuries despite getting tangled in electricity lines.

According to reports, the paraglider was completely conscious and was chatting with the rescue personnel when they arrived to rescue him.

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