Doctors Treating Coronavirus Patients Forced To Move Out Of Their Homes By Selfish Neighbors

Millions of people all over the world clap for doctors and all the medical staff that are constantly battling against coronavirus, however, that is not the case everyone.

In Spain particularly, doctors are being urged to leave their houses due to the fact that they are treating coronavirus patients.

Dr. Jesus Monllor Mendez, a doctor battling the virus, got home one day to find a not pinned on his door.

The letter read:

“Hello neighbour. We know about your good work at the hospital but you should also think of your neighbours. There are children and old people. Professionals are staying at a hotel. While this lasts we ask you to think.”

During an interview with the Independent, Dr. Jesus Mendez said he felt sad after reading the letter that was pinned on his door.

In the interview he said:

“At first I felt bad and a sense of sadness. Then I thought whoever put it up must be scared or needing psychological help to get through this.”

Dr. Jesus is not the only medical officer that is being forced or urged to leave their house during the crisis.

Clara Serrano del Rey, a 31-year-old nurse from Madrid, is facing the same things.

Clara said she got the virus, so she went to isolate herself from her 3 flatmates. She also informed her landlord about the incident, but what she got was something that just blew her away.

Clara said:

“The landlord told me immediately that I have to leave the apartment, that I was selfish because I was working in that unit, and that I knew I was going to get infected.”

She contacted the police, who later told her landlord that he could not just throw her out like that.

Despite what the police said, Clara had to move out.

She is now staying in a hotel room, away from her landlord and 3 flatmates.

Talking about the incident, Clara said:

“I have been working in hospital to care for people who have the virus and I always kept my distance from people in the flat. Most people are applauding us every night so this was no doubt an exception.”

Instead of thanking them, people are acting weird and are being rude.

Let’s all hope this goes away fast so we can go back to what things were like before.

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