Donald Trump Jr Killed Extremely Rare Endangered Sheep In Mongolia With Special Permit  

Donald Trump Jr, the son of President Donald Trump, killed an endangered Argali Sheep, which is the national treasure of Mongolia, during a hunting trip to Mongolia earlier this year.

Before being allowed to hunt the animal, a permit is required for their killing.

According to a report, Donald Trump Jr got a permit to kill the animal after President Trump met the president of Mongolia.

Trump Jr was reportedly accompanied by security from both the United States and Mongolia throughout the hunting trip.

The argali sheep, which is considered an extremely rare animal, is considered as a national treasure of Mongolia.

Permission to kill the argali sheep requires a lot of things, which include money, connection, and politics.

Donald Trump Jr also killed a red deer during the hunting trip in Mongolia.

In between the killing of the animal and issuing of the permit, which allowed him to kill the sheep, Trump met with Khaltamaagiin Battulga, the president, suggesting the possibility of special consideration being given to the son of the US president.

It is reported that Trump Jr shot the animal at night, by using a rifle that had laser sight.

Khuandyg Akhbas, 50, one of the guides, said, “He stopped the local hunting guides from dismembering it at the kill site, instead of instructing them to use an aluminum sheet to carry the carcass so as not to damage the fur and horns.”

According to local reports, the permit Trump Jr got was one of the 3 permits that were issued in that hunting region.

The Argali Sheep inhabits the Altai mountain region of western and south-western Mongolia.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature listed the Argali Sheep under the near-threatened species and the regional assessment (2006) as endangered species.

The Argali is legally protected by the Mongolian Laws on Fauna and Hunting.

Hunting is prohibited (Badam, Ariunzul, 2005).

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