Issaquah School-Bus Driver Allegedly Raped And Molested 11-Year-Old Boy Relative

A 47-year-old Issaquah School District Bus Driver has been charged with first-degree rape of a child and first-degree child molestation.

According to the Issaquah Police, the victim is an 11-year-old boy who visited the apartment where the 47-year-old was living.

The King County Superior Court documents, prosecutors identified the suspect as Hakim Fareed, a 47-year-old School Bus Driver.

The arrest of Hakim Fareed has school officials concerned. The officials are currently going through the videos of him driving the school bus.

The school officials want to see if Hakim had any suspicious interactions with the students.

L Michelle, with the school district, said, “When we first heard about it, of course, it was very shocking and difficult for us.”

Michelle added, “We also started going back through tapes and records.”

Hakim has no criminal history.

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Officials said they will have to take an extra step to find out anything about the 47-year-old bus driver.

According to KIRO7, the 47-year-old bus driver had been driving for the district for nearly 2 years.

Fareed was living with 4 children when he was arrested by the police.

The 4 kids, which were all under 15-years-old, were removed from his house earlier this week.

He adopted the 4 kids from another state before he moved to Washington.

Investigating officers said it is possible that there could be more underage victims.

As of now, the investigating officers are currently trying to found out if Hakeem sexually harassed other underage victims.

Fareed will remain inside the jail and has a $500,000 bail set.

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