Kind Teenagers Help Bleeding Elderly Man After He Was Punched And Kicked During A Stroll

A group of teens from Liverpool, the UK, helped a bleeding elderly man after he got punched and kicked on the ground as he took a stroll in Aighburth.

The kids performed first aid to help stop his bleeding.

According to authorities, the incident happened at around 3:10 pm on July 5, 2020.

The kids said that they found the elderly man sitting on a bench in Sefton Park.

Bella Low, a 16-year-old kid, said that the elderly man was covered in blood and had significant injuries that they could see.

During an interview with the Liverpool Echo, Bella said:

We were walking through Sefton Park, just going to the chippy on Lark Lane. Next thing I turn around and I seen this man sat on a bench. The amount of blood on him was quite shocking. My friend, Lily Hamer, was next to me and I said Lily we need to go and help this man.

Luckily, Bella and her friends had been receiving training in first aid at Army Cadets, so she and her friends knew what to do.

After asking the elderly man if they could treat him, Bella checked his injuries and found lacerations above his eye and a large cut on the back of his head.

Bella explained what happened to the man, after the elderly one told them how he got the injuries.

Bella said:

He told us he had been walking along near Sefton Park, he was just walking and a man ran up behind him and hit him. Then he was on the floor and he said all he could see were feet flying at him.

David Southern, a 17-year-old boy that was present with the group, said:

We used tissues to stop some of the bleeding and asked for a lady who was pushing a pram if we could have a nappy to try and stem the blood coming from his neck. He was in quite a lot of shock so we made sure that people didn’t crowd him and waited with him until police and ambulance arrived.

According to local news agencies, the elderly man is currently recovering at his house.

A spokesperson for the Merseyside Police said that they have launched an investigation for the horrible incident.

We hope that the elderly man makes a fast recovery from his injuries.

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