Man Gets 6 Years In Prison For Raping Sick Woman In Train Toilet

A 45-year-old man that raped a woman as she was taken ill in a train toilet has been jailed for 6 years.

45-year-old Timothy Davies had been traveling his hometown of Ramsgate, East Kent, with his wife in December 2018, when the victim, who was in the same carriage, became unwell.

The CCTV footage of the incident showed Timothy touching the woman in a weird manner before leading her to the toilet of the train.

Timothy took the opportunity and locked the door of the toilet before raping her.

The wife of Timothy knocked on the door 3 times when the rape was happening inside the toilet.

The wife told him that their stop was coming up, to which Timothy replied with the woman was sick.

The couple left the train together, but the victim, whose identity was not shared with the public, told her family about what happened.

In a statement read in court, the woman said the attack felt like a nightmare.

She said the rape incident is like a scar that would never leave her.

When Timothy, the attacker, was questioned by the British Transport Police after the incident, Timothy said the sexual activity inside the bathroom was consensual.

He said the victim was enjoying it when the attack happened.

Timothy was jailed for 6 years after a jury found him guilty of rape on February 7, 2020.

Detective Constable Marc Farmer of the British Transport Police commended the rape victim in coming forwards.

In a statement that he released, Detective Farmer said, “Thankfully the jury saw straight through his web of lies and came to a unanimous verdict that he was guilty of this shocking and calculated rape.”

He added, “I hope seeing him behind bars will be some small comfort for the victim, and that she can finally now start to piece her life back together again.”

He continued, “She should be thoroughly commended for the immense personal strength that she has shown throughout this entire process, and for her courage in coming forward. It is her bravery that has brought Davies to justice.”

The police said they are hoping this incident sends out a clear message to everyone that the government will be prosecuting sex offenders and rapists like Davies.

Constable Farmer said, “I hope this sends a very clear message to everyone that we will do everything in our power to prosecute sex offenders and rapists like Davies.”

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