Nurse in Kolkata Arrested For Beating-Up An Ill 85-Year-Old Woman

On June 21, 2019, Sanjukta Paik, a nurse in Kolkata, was arrested by the authorities after she was caught beating-up an ill 85-year-old inside the house of the ill woman in Gangulybagan.

Sanjukta Paik was looking after Sukumari Saha, the 85-year-old woman.

The Patuli Police Station Officers arrested Sanjukta Paik on the basis of a video recording.

The family of Sukumari Saha installed a CCTV inside the room of Saha after they saw she had bruises on her back, face, and other areas in her body.

During an interview with PTI, Uttam Saha, the son of Sukumari Saha, said, “We had taken her to a doctor thinking that the marks could be because of some illness. But despite giving her medicines, those marks remained. We then found that it was the nurse who was beating her brutally every day. We have submitted CCTV footage to the police along with our complaint.”

Sukumari Saha had a brain stroke a few years ago, and since then, she was unable to move by her own. This is why Uttam Saha, her son, decided to hire a personal nurse.

The Patuli Police Station arrested Sanjukta Paik, and upon interrogating her, Paik did admit that she tortured Sukumari Saha.

Uttam Saha added, Sanjukta became like our family member, and said that he was really shocked when he saw what she did to his ill old mother.

The son of Sukumari also said that Sanjukta should be punished because what she did to his mother is an un-human and criminal act.

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