Pakistani Girl Poisons 13 People To Death For Forcing Her Into Arranged Marriage

A Pakistani woman tried to flee her arranged marriage by killing her husband and 12 of his relatives by poisoning lassi, a sweetened glass of milk.

According to the Pakistani police, Asiya Bibi laced her husband’s milk with poison last week, but he didn’t drink it.

After the failed attempt, Asiya went for another try and this time she laced poison in lassi, a yogurt drink.

She gave the drink to her husband and his extended family.

13 people died, including her husband, and 14 other people were hospitalized after drinking the drink.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Bibi, who lives in Muzaffargarh, a southwest city in Pakistan, was forced to marry her husband.

Bibi even tried to run away from her home and go back to her parents, but she was sent back to her husband.

Arranged marriage is common in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and a lot of Arab countries, but they are more common in poorer rural areas.

Arranged marriage is done through family members.

Asiya Bibi is facing murder charges, and so is her aunt and a man that is believed to be her lover.

Bibi and the 2 other people have been arrested by the police.

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