Surprising Video Shows 2 Young Men Dancing And Hanging On Rear Bumper Of Baltimore Bus

A surprising video that is viral on social media right now shows 2 young men hanging and dancing on the rear bumper of a bus.

The bus in the video is reportedly managed by the Maryland Transit Administration.

A picture also surfaced on the internet, it shows the 2 young men sitting legs-crossed in the back hatch of an MTA bus near a northeast Baltimore intersection.

A statement that was released by the authorities in Maryland, they said: “The safety of our operators and passengers is the first priority for the Maryland Transit Administration.”

In reference to the picture, the MTA said that the incident appears to be a result of tampering.

The MTA (Maryland Transit Administration) is evaluating and planning to add safety precautions on the back panels of the buses so they can become tamper-proof.

The video of the incident was shared by WJZ to residents of Baltimore that were waiting for their buses on Wednesday.

A resident said this was pretty normal in their younger days.

Another resident said, “I haven’t seen anything like that in years.”

A third resident said, “Man, they’ve got a grip on it some kind of way, huh.”

A number of residents in Baltimore weren’t concerned about the incident and said: “kids are just having fun.”

Some said the kids are putting themselves and other people on the bus.

A concerned Baltimore resident said, “Hazard to the bus driver, people on the bus and then the people behind them.”

Authorities in Baltimore and the MTA are asking residents and locals to notify them if they see any incidents that are similar.

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