Texas Mom Forced To Pay $600 So She Can See Video Of Her 5-Yr-Old Daughter Getting Assaulted On Bus

A mother from Dallas, Texas, was forced to pay $600 after she was told by her child’s school district that it would cost her money to see a video that showed her daughter getting bullied on a small school bus.

Audrey Billings, the mother, wanted to know what happened to her daughter, so she paid and cried after seeing what happened to her kid.

During an interview with CNN, Billings said she was devastated and crying after she watched the video of her 5-year-old daughter.

The video showed her 5-year-old daughter getting pulled, pushed, grabbed around the head by 2 students, and being poked with a pencil on the small school bus.

The extreme bullying went on for nearly 14 minutes.

The 5-year-old can be seen trying to fight back against the other students.

The poor kid tried to call out the bus driver a couple of times during the assault and even cried as she was being hit again and again.

The bus driver couldn’t be seen responding to the calls of the 5-year-old.

It is still not clear what prompted the kids to assault the 5-year-old girl.

After watching the video, Billings said she wants a major change in the bullying policy and procedures for handling bullying incidents of the Dallas Independent School District.

The Dallas ISD spokesperson, Robyn L. Harris, said the students were disciplined according to the Student Code of Conduct.

In a statement that was released by spokesperson Harris, they said, “Dallas ISD has taken steps to improve our transportation services to further ensure the safety of students. The district has provided additional training and monitoring. We are dedicated to ensuring a safe environment for all students and remain committed to meeting the expectations of our parents and community.”

The driver of the bus got removed from the route immediately.

Billings, the mother of the bullied kid, said she reached out to the Dallas ISD after her daughter said students on her bus were hurting them.

Billings said she spoke to the principal of her daughter’s school and was only given a fraction of what happened on the bus ride.

When she asked the videos to be sent to her, she got a message that said she would have to pay to have the video of the incident.

The concerned mother paid and took a look at the incident by herself.

The 5-year-old daughter no longer rides the bus.

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