US Authorities Seize 16.5 Tons Of Cocaine Worth $1 Billion USD From A Cargo Ship In Philadelphia

In what is considered as one of the biggest drug busts in America’s History, the authorities of the US seized 16.5 tons of cocaine that has a market value of $1 Billion USD. The cocaine was seized from a ship in Philadelphia.

The local, federal, and state law enforcement agents went onboard the MSC Gayane, a cargo ship that is docked in the Packer Marine Terminal in Philadelphia. The agents found 16.5 tons of cocaine in 7 shipping containers.

Ivan Durasevic and Fonofaavae Tiasaga, the two members of the MSC Gayane, were arrested by the federal agents.

Both men admitted that they helped load the cocaine in the ship.

US Attorney William McSwain also tweeted about the bust on Twitter, he said, “This amount of cocaine could kill millions – MILLIONS – of people.”

It is believed that the 16.5 tons of cocaine is worth over $1 Billion USD.

During its voyage, the MSC Gayane went to Peru, Chile, Panama, and Columbia.

The Mediterranean Shipping Company, the owner of the cargo ship, released a statement about the bust.

They said that they are aware of the incident and they will be working with the US Law enforcement agencies so they can stop the illegal drug trafficking.

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