Around 60,000 Americans Voted For Rapper Kanye West During The 2020 US Elections

The world is currently looking forward to the results of the 2020 US Elections and see if Donald Trump gets a second term or if Joe Biden will take over the office for 4 years, but some people are forgetting about one person, Kanye West.

Most of us are focused on Trump vs Biden right now, but people forgot that Kanye West, a Hollywood rapper, is also in the race.

The rapper ended up racking a lot of votes and people are really shocked.

According to official reports, Kanye managed to get over 60,000 votes despite not having a chance to win.

A candidate needs to have 270 electoral college votes in order to secure the presidency, and the battle remains tightly poised between Biden and Trump.

According to Deadline, a news agency, Kanye got around 60,000 votes.

Knowing that he has no chance, Kanye dropped from the race and said that he will be running again in 2024.

The celebrity also posted on social media that he voted for the first time in his entire life and he voted for himself.

He said in a tweet: “The first vote of my life We are here to serve We pray for every servant leader in the world.”

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