Utah Man Punches 2 McDonald’s Employees In The Face For Getting His Order Wrong

A man from Utah was charged with assault after he allegedly stormed into a McDonald’s and attacked 2 employees by punching them in their face after they got his order wrong.

28-year-old Victor Jimmy Castro ordered food from a McDonald’s located inside of a Layton Walmart off Hillfield Road in Utah.

According to reports, the man went on rage after they got his order wrong.

The arrest affidavit of Castro says he punched the employee working behind the register in the face.

Castro also went into the kitchen and punched another worker in the face.

People who were inside the McDonald’s said that the man was heard screaming “you got my order wrong” repeatedly.

The entire incident was captured by CCTV’s that were installed inside the fast-food chain.

The man was identified after the footage of the incident got reviewed.

Victor Jimmy Castro was later arrested and is facing felony burglary and 2 misdemeanor counts of assault charges.

Reports suggest that Castro was also arrested previously for reckless driving, failing to stop for an officer, and failure to produce car insurance.

Castro was booked on November 27, 2019.

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