1-Year-Old Starving Girl Found Hugging Corpse Of Mother Who Was Beaten To Death

A 1-year-old starving girl was found hugging the corpse of her mother, who was beaten to death 2 days before the little girl was found.

According to reports, the 1-year-old girl was rescued by a relative who found the pair in a flat in Moscow, Russia.

27-year-old Ekaterina Telkina was found dead by a worried family member, who broke into her apartment after she did not pick up her calls.

When the relative got inside, Eva, the 1-year-old girl, was found sitting next to her body.

The relative immediately phoned the paramedics and the police.

Eva, the little girl, was found in a weakened state.

The infant did not eat or drink for 2 straight days, and as a result, she was rushed to a hospital.

The police told the reporters that they believe Telkina was beaten to death by her 39-year-old boyfriend, whose identity was not shared with the public.

The boyfriend of Telkina has been arrested by the police.

After her hospital treatment, Eva will be looked after by her relatives.

The little girl is reportedly recovering well.

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