14-Year-Old Russian Girl Gives Birth To Baby Girl After Claiming 10-Year-Old Boy Is Father

Darya Sudishnikova, a 14-year-old girl from Russia, who claimed her 10-year-old boyfriend impregnated her has posted images with her newborn baby and leaving the hospital.

Darya was just 13 when she went viral on the internet after insisting that Ivan Vanya, her 10-year-old boyfriend, had made her pregnant.

Not everyone believed what the girl was saying as it was scientifically impossible that a 10-year-old boy could make a girl pregnant.

It was said that Ivan was by her side as she left the maternity ward of a clinic in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, with Amelia, their baby girl.

Amelia weighs at 8 pounds and is measured at 21 inches.

The couple smiled at the hospital door flanked by their mothers.

Talking with her social media fans, Darya said:

I thought it would be much more painful, but only the contractions are painful. But for the sake of such happiness, it’s worth enduring all this pain.

14-year-old Darya became a social media sensation in Russia after the news of her pregnancy went viral.

During an interview with the press, Darya insisted that Ivan was the father of her child after they slept together once.

Police are investigating the case and it is believed that they have DNA samples from the newborn girl so they could identify the real father of the girl.

According to reports, Ivan was not allowed to be present with Darya when she was giving birth to Amelia.

Darya said Ivan will take care of the baby when he turns 16.

As of now, the mother says that she will take a leave from the school to care for Amelia, their new child.

35-year-old Elena Sudnishnikova, the mother of Darya, is going to act as a guardian of Amelia.

Darya will not show the face of her baby until she becomes 40 days old.

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