3-Meter Crocodile Bites 6-Year-Old Boy’s Head And Drags Him Underwater For 10 Minutes Near

A 6-year-old boy from Mexico is currently fighting for his life after a crocodile bit his head and dragged him to a beach and underwater for nearly 10 minutes.

The incident happened near the El Palmar Beach in Mexico.

The child was reportedly playing with his sister when the incident happened.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the boy and his sister accidentally wandered away from their parents near to the beach.

The 2 kids ended up exploring an estuary, which is home to a number of massive crocodiles.

Upon reaching there, the boy was grabbed by the head by a crocodile, was dragged into the water, and was being drowned for 10 straight minutes.

The crocodile bit him in the chest, legs, arms, and head.

This happened in front of numerous witnesses, who watched the horrible event.

Stones were thrown by lifeguards and tourists at the crocodile, which was 3 meters long, so it could release the boy and go away.

The boy was saved eventually.

Authorities said that the boy is currently in a critical condition.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the boy, may he recover fast from his injuries.

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