3 Sisters Stabbed And Battered Their Father To Death In His Sleep After Years Of Sexual Abuse And Torture

Moscow, Russia: 2 sisters that killed their father in his sleep after going through years of sexual abuse and torture will go through a trial.

Krestina, Angelina, and Maria were 19, 18, and 17 when they killed their father in his sleep.

57-year-old Mikhail Khachaturyan was killed with his own hunting knife and a hammer by his 3 daughters, who he reportedly sexually abused and tortured.

The Russian Investigative Committee has acknowledged “mitigating circumstances” in the case.

The case has defied a groundswell of demands to categorize the killing of the father as self-defense, due to the fact that they went through torture and sexual abuse.

The 2 elder sisters are now facing up to 20 years in prison.

Maria, who was 17 when the incident happened, is being asked by the investigators to go through psychiatric treatment as she was not aware of the actual nature of the actions that were taken during the killing.

Yaroslav Pakulin, the lawyer of the girls, said:

The girls were in a traumatic situation for a long time. They feared not only for their health, but also for their lives, and only defended themselves from… their father.

The Russian Prosecutor General earlier argued that the years of sexual abuse and torture that they had to go through from their controlling “pedophile” father meant that it was necessary to use self-defense.

According to investigators in Russia, the father told one of his daughters that she will take the place of their mother.

The father said: “I will marry you and you will give birth to my baby.”

Investigators of the case also highlighted how the father sexually abused and manipulated the girls.

Reports said:

He ordered them to get undressed in front of him, saying that he wanted to ‘check’ them. Then ordered them to masturbate him, saying that he had problems with his prostate and it would be a cure.

The father also used various weapons to scare the daughters.

What Happened In 2018?

In 2018, the 3 sisters killed their father, who reportedly had links with criminal bosses and senior Russian officials.

The sisters said that their father was sedated and was sitting in an armchair and was not threatening them when they took his life with a hammer and his own hunting knife.

Initially, Maria said that their father attacked them with a knife and she attacked back by stabbing him and Angelina, the other sister hit him with a hammer.

The lawyer of Krestina said that Maria had no part of the killing, however, she was present when the incident happened.

Around 1 million people in Russia have signed petitions that demand the 3 sisters to go free from the charges that they are facing.

A court earlier ruled out that Maria did not understand her actions.

After the attack, she said:

We all were scared. It seems that Krestina checked his pulse. I called the ambulance and police.

Aurelia Dunduk, the mother of the girls, was not living with them when the incident happened as she was forbidden by her husband to contact their daughters.

Dunduk was also abused and beaten up by Khachaturyan.

The Russian Prosecutor General will now make a decision about the charges that the 3 girls are facing.

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