Caught On Cam: 3 Chilean Police Cops Drive Their Motorcycles Over A Student Protestor

Chile has been a harsh place since October this year, mostly because residents of the country are protesting against the government.

Residents are mad because the government has failed to offer them good work and is forcing laborers to take part in harsh working conditions.

In something that was caught on cam, the Chile police were seen trying to run over a protestor as they rode a motorcycle.

The footage shows a student protester standing in the middle of a street in the coastal resort city of Vina del Mar when a police officer tries to run his motorcycle over him.

The incident reportedly happened on November 14, 2019,

A police officer could be seen in the video trying to stop a demonstrator with his bike after he tried to attack a police officer trying to keep the scene stable.

The student that attacked the police ran towards a sidewalk, where he slipped and fell down.

After the student fell down, a police officer that was riding his motorcycle rushed to the scene and was seen trying to run over the student’s stomach.

The video also shows a woman trying to stop the officer from running over the student.

The student could be seen getting up and walking away from the incident without sustaining any injuries.

Chile is one of the most stable countries in Latin America, but heavy protests have rocked the country for 6 weeks due to economic inequality and cuts to social service programs.

Since the protests have started, at least 26 people have been killed and over 13,000 have been injured.

25,000 people have also been arrested by the police.

Should the police officer in the video get punishment for the act that they did? Let us know what you think by dropping a comment below!

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