Child Murderer And Rapist Killed 9-Year-Old Schoolgirl After He Was Freed From Prison

Russia: A pedophile murderer who killed a 9-year-old schoolgirl after he was freed from jail has been jailed for life for the crime that he committed last year.

In October last year, 35-year-old Mikhail Tuvatin was attacked by 200 people after was arrested last year.

His crime sparked so much hatred and outrage amongst the residents of the country that police officers had to use tear gas and force to keep the protesters away.

Protesters wanted to lynch the serial offender.

A furious mob of 200 people reportedly surrounded the police station where Tuvatin was being held on suspicion of the rape and murder of 9-year-old Lisa Kiselyova.

A court in Saratov, Russia, has now found the sexual predator guilty of rape and other sexual offenses after he abducted a 9-year-old girl in 2019.

In a brutal attack last year, the girl was walking to school when the pedophile attacked her to an abandoned garage.

The pedophile raped the girl and killed her to a piece of wire.

The crimes sparked such outrage in Russia that the police had to dress him in riot gear to avoid him being recognized when they brought him to the murder scene.

In 2005, he committed a serious sexual attack on a 12-year-old girl.

On December 31, 2010, he was released from jail after spending another jail-term.

On the same day, he robbed a 23-year-old woman and raped her. He was given a 6-year sentence for that crime.

Authorities said that life sentence was the only option.

After his arrest, people in Russia wanted to restore death penalty.

Elena Kiselyova, the mother of Liza, the 9-year-old girl, said:

After his arrest, there were calls for Russia to restore the death penalty.

A little girl, a child, our daughter, was killed. All our dreams and plans collapsed in a single moment. Our entire way of life has been turned upside down. Our sorrow is incomparable to anything. We would give everything in the world to see Liza alive, even for a moment. The being that took her away from us, who, unfortunately, I cannot call human, will no longer have any peace either on earth or in heaven.

Judge Fedor Telegin said that the sentence that they handed out to the pedophile murder was a result of his reoffending.

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