China And Other Asian Countries Face Second Wave Of Coronavirus As They Allow Immigrants To Fly Back

Countries in Asia, including China, thought the pandemic was under control, however, upon allowing immigrants and their residents to fly back into their countries, they saw an increase in the infections again.

South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and China, were preparing to lower down the travel restrictions as numbers of the virus started to slow down.

But the numbers saw a huge increase after sufferers returning from abroad got back.

6 days ago, China had no new domestic cases, however, 34 new infections among those who returned from abroad were registered.

In China alone, there are 81,218 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, which has killed 3,281 people.

After the coronavirus outbreak, leaders in China ordered massive lockdowns.

The nationwide lockdown left millions of people confined to their homes for up to 6 long weeks.

David Heymann, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said that the harsh measures of the country allowed the country to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus in other regions.

However, the professor asked what will happen if the country would end the measures.

Last week, Singapore reported 47 new cases of the novel coronavirus.

Out of the 47 new cases, 33 came from people that had previous travel history.

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