Coronavirus Kills 26 People, Infects Over 830 People, And Forces 10 Cities To Shut Down In China

China has now stepped up its response to the latest coronavirus outbreak, which has killed around 26 people, infected over 830 people, and has forced 10 cities in the country to shut down to prevent an outbreak.

Over 20.5 million are reportedly living in the cities that are affected by the coronavirus.

Authorities have also suspended public transport to slow down the spreading of the virus in the country.

Here is the complete list of China’s action to stop the spreading:

  1. Shut Down Of The Forbidden City In China
  2. Cancellation Of Traditional Temple Fairs In Beijing
  3. Cancellation Of International Carnival In Hong Kong
  4. Cancellation Of Annual Football Tournament In Hong Kong
  5. Cancellation Of All Public Lunar New Celebrations In Macau

China is now fearing that the transmission rate may accelerate as hundreds of millions of Chinese people travel for the Lunar New Year.

Health authorities all over the world are taking action to prevent a global pandemic.

Cases of the coronavirus have been reported in Japan, South Korean, Thailand, and the United States of America.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has acknowledged that the respiratory illness is an emergency in China.

WHO said it is too early to declare a global health emergency.

Earlier this week, the National Health Commission of China announced that the death toll was 17.

China’s NHC said the youngest person who died from the coronavirus was 48 years old and the oldest was 89 years old.

Most victims of the virus are reportedly the elderly.

According to reports, most of the victims suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

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