Cut Off Her Breasts: Tennessee Couple Tortured, Raped, And Starved Homeless Woman

A couple from Tennessee is facing charges of first-degree after they raped, tortured, and killed a homeless woman.

The couple also chopped up her body and hid it in a freezer.

According to reports, the discovery was made by the Tennessee’s Oak Ridge Police Department.

The remains were found in the house of 22-year-old Rebecca Dishman and her 52-year old boyfriend Sean Finnegan.

The police discovered the body of a homeless woman, whose identity was not revealed.

She was repeatedly beaten with a baseball bat.

The police said that Finnegan and Dishman tortured, raped, and strangled her before she was left alone to die.

The couple have admitted that they committed the crime.

Finnegan and Dishman said that they lured the victim to their house under the context of offering her a place to stay.

It is said that the woman was chained to a bed, was shackled with a dog collar, and her arms were tied with zip ties.

Before raping her and depriving her of food and medical help, the couple hit the woman in the head with a baseball bat.

The duo then strangled her with a ligature and left her to die.

Once the woman died, Finnegan cut off a portion of her breasts and her nose.

Her ligaments were then placed in a freezer.

Finnegan and Dishman, the couple, are facing charges of aggravated kidnapping and first-degree murder.

Finnegan is facing more charges, which includes of aggravated rape and tampering with evidence.

The charges of Dishman include aggravated sexual battery and abuse of a corpse.

The couple is currently at the Anderson County Jail.

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