Drug Addicted Couple Sell Newborn Son For $8,500 So They Could Buy Crystal Meth

A twisted Chinese couple that is addicted to crystal meth sold their newborn son for $8,500 so they could have funds to keep their addiction on line.

According to reports, the Chinese couple, who have been named Mr. Wang and Ms. Zhong, struck the deal with a couple that they met in a chatroom.

The couple that they got in contact with was having a hard time conceiving. They were also desperate to start their own family.

The baby was sold for $8,500 in a secret way.

Wang and Zhong were found by the police in a hotel room that was surrounded by stacks of cash and drug paraphernalia that were scattered around the bed.

The couple has been arrested and is now locked up for child trafficking.

The baby boy that they sold is currently in the safe care of his grandparents.

The police said that the couple from the south-western Chinese city of Neijiang was under their radar because of their long history of drug abuse.

The pair were facing mounting debts in the grips of addiction, especially with Zhong, the mother of the child, using crystal meth on multiple occasions during her pregnancy.

The couple reportedly told the other couple that they could not afford to raise the child and were looking for a family that could look after their unborn child.

The couple agreed to pay 60,000 yuan, which is around $8,500 for the nutrition fees to the couple.

Zhong and Wang gave the baby to the couple as soon as he was born.

On October 11 last year, the boy was born and within hours, the baby was handed over to the couple that they met in a chatroom.

The police had been monitoring the couple and when they acted suspiciously, they tracked down both the parties.

The 2 parties confessed the crimes to the police.

Zhong and Wang also admitted that they bought a batch of crystal meth and 2 brand new mobile phones from the money that they got from the couple.

Wang was handed a 5-year prison sentence and Zhong was given a 6-year prison sentence for the crimes that they committed.

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