Fisherman Left Disturbed After Reeling In Dead Body Of Man Instead Of Fish In Central Park

A fisherman was left disturbed after reeling in a dead body of a man instead of a fish in central park, USA.

Luis Castoire made the discovery while fishing in central park.

He initially thought that he had hooked a fish, but when he found that it was the body of a man, he contacted the police right away.

The incident happened at around 11 am on Thursday this week.

During an interview with NBC Luis Castoire said:

I thought I was seeing a ghost. I felt a thump, my hook had gotten stuck … When I go to lift it, I seen the leg come up, and then I saw the rest of the body.

The man looked away instantly after realizing that it was a dead body.

Luis had been visiting Central Park since he was just 7 years old.

The fisherman said that the incident was devastating, really devastating.

The body that he had found is believed to be a man from Harlem, New York. The police believe he is in his 30s.

The man had head wounds.

The exact cause of the man’s death is yet to be determined, said the police.

After the discovery was reported to the police, the area was turned into a crime scene and special investigators were called into the scene right away.

Kylie Debor, a local, talked about the crime scene and the park.

She said:

It was very quiet. I was sitting here, there are lots of sirens going on … and it’s very unexpected. It’s definitely upsetting, it’s a tragedy for the family, for the person involved and for the neighbourhood.

This is the third body found in Central Park this month.

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