Freight Train Goes Up In Flames On Partially Collapsed Bridge In Arizona

USA: A freight train in Arizona went up in flames after it derailed on a century-old bridge, which was partially collapsed, on Wednesday.

It is reported that the fire ignited shortly after 6 am.

Footage of the incident shows the train almost completely engulfed across the full length of the bridge.

Luckily, there were no reports of any life-threatening injuries.

A section of the Salt River Union Pacific Bridge, the bridge in the video, was built in 1912 and it had completely collapsed on the side of the lake.

Camille Kimball, a witness of the incident, said:

It looks like a scene from hell, truly. A scene from hell. The flames are intense and the sky is filled with black smoke. I turned around to look and got the fright of my life.

Kimball said she got to know about the incident after she heard a deafening noise as she cycled past by the area.

Authorities are still trying to find out what caused the bridge to collapse.

An investigation has also been launched to know the cause of the fire.

The Union Pacific Train was carrying lumber when the incident happened.

Some of the lumber could be seen in the lake.

A fire official said that 100 firefighters had to take a slow and methodical and worst-case approach to the other materials that were in the train, which authorities believe were hazardous.

Tim McMahan, a spokesman for Union Pacific Railroad, confirmed the incident and said that none of the crew members were injured.

However, some of them suffered smoke inhalation.

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