French Student Beaten Up By 3 Heartless Men Because She Was Wearing A “Skirt”

A 22-year-old student was attacked by 3 men, which one out of them had punched her on the face because she was wearing a skirt.

The incident happened in the French city of Strasbourg.

The woman, who identified herself as 22-year-old Elisabeth, said she was taking a walk through the city as she smoked a cigarette when the men started to shout at her.

The incident happened on Friday last week.

The woman said that one of the men yelled at her and said “look at that whore in a skirt”.

The men later told her to shut up and lower her eyes when talking to them.

The men then grabbed her by each arm while the third man hit her in the face, which left her with a black eye.

Elisabeth said that the 3 men were in their 20s.

Elisabeth has filed a complaint to the police, who are still trying to identify the suspects.

She claims that around 15 people saw the incident, but no one tried to stop the men.

The police are currently calling out witnesses that saw the incident and help them track down the people that are behind the horrible incident.

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