Gulf War Veteran That Was Sentenced To Life For Selling $30 Marijuana Will Be Released From Prison

A Gulf War Veteran that was arrested and sentenced to life for selling .69 grams of marijuana will be released from prison soon, said his attorney.

In 2008, Derek Harris was arrested by an undercover police officer for selling .69 grams of marijuana.

The incident happened in Louisiana, USA.

His stepfather led the undercover police officer to his mother’s small shack to make a purchase of the drug from his mother’s partner, Harris.

When he was first convicted, he was sentenced to serve 15 years in jail.

In 2012, he was given a new sentence under the Habitual Offender Law – this allows judges to impose stricter, longer sentences on those who have been charged in the past.

The previous convictions include a 1991 conviction for selling cocaine, robbery in 1992 and 1993, burglary in 1997, and theft under $500 in 2005.

He was also involved in a previous conviction of selling marijuana.

During his first sentencing Judge Durwood Conque of the 15th Judicial District said that he didn’t think that a 30-year maximum sentence was fair for selling marijuana, instead choosing 15 years instead.

However, prosecutors of his case invoked the habitual offender law of the state.

This left the authorities with no choice but to hand him life prison in jail.

Harris argues that his attorney had failed to remind the judge that he should deliver a lower prison sentence.

After the release of Harris, he reportedly wants to move to Louisville, Kentucky.

Harris wants to spend time with his brother Antoine and his family.

A spokesperson for the family said that he wants to watch his nephews play sports.

The man also wants to build himself a new life with his brother.

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