Lawmakers In Taiwan Throw Pig Guts At Each Other And Get Into Fist Fight Over New Policy

Taipei, Taiwan: A massive fight broke out recently in the parliament of Taiwan, and the things that happened there are just horrible.

Lawmakers were caught on cam throwing pig guts at each other and even got into a fistfight with each other over a new policy, which allows the United States of America to import pork and beef.

Premier Su Tseng-Chang was due to give a regularly scheduled policy report to lawmakers on the morning of Friday about the pork policy.

Opposition party lawmakers from the Nationalist party, who are also known as the KMT blocked his attempt by dumping bags of pig organs.

The legislators of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party tried to stop them, which resulted in chaos.

Chaos erupted in the scene and punches were even caught being thrown at each other.

A lawmaker from the Democratic Progressive Party was seen wrestling a member of the KMT lawmaker.

The entire incident was caught on cam and the results are just horrible.

President Tsai Ing-wen’s administration lifted a longstanding ban on imports of U.S. pork and beef in August.

Many saw the move as one of the first steps towards a bilateral trade agreement with the United States of America.

It is believed that the ban will be lifted in January of 2021.

The new policy allows the import of pork with residues of ractopamine, a type of drug that some farmers use in order to promote the growth of lean meat.

Thousands of people in Taipei protested the imports on Sunday this week.

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