Man Abandoned Dead Parents And Swam 3km Through Shark-Infested Waters After Fishing Accident

A poor man had to abandon the dead bodies of his parents and had to swim around 3 kilometers through shark-infested waters after a horror fishing accident.

The horrible accident happened off the coast of Australia.

Bryan Ryan Oostryck, the man, had to abandon the dead bodies of Bob and Jan, his parents, after their fishing boat capsized off the coast of Australia.

After trying to resuscitate the OAPs, Anastasia and Ryan had to swim 3 kilometers to the shore so they could ask for help.

Mark Flesken, the superintendent of the Pilbara District, said:

The younger couple made it to the surface. Shortly afterwards the couple in their 70s came to surface but unfortunately at that point in time it appeared they had passed away.

According to the authorities, the coupled swam for a couple of hours just so they could reach the shore.

Flesken added:

I’m not aware of the actual size of the waves or whether they could be classified as freak, but they were certainly strong enough to knock the boat and capsize the boat. At this time of the year, especially out this way, the weather is beautiful and my message to all boat users is enjoy yourself but be prepared.

The Oostryck family said that the boat was fully-stocked with safety equipment, however, the capsizing of the boat made it inaccessible.

The Department of Agriculture, Water, and Environment (Australia) says that sharks could be found in every part of the country’s coastline.

Here are some of the most commonly found sharks in Australia:

  1. Whale sharks
  2. Zebra sharks
  3. Great white sharks
  4. Tiger sharks

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased, may your souls rest in peace.

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