Man Killed Step-Daughter By Battering Her 60 Times Because She Could Not Use Potty Properly

A man is currently accused of beating his 2-year-old stepdaughter to death because she could not potty properly.

40-year-old Anton Proskurin reportedly hit Ksenia Dubrovina 60 times on her head and her body before she passed away.

The incident happened after the 2-year-old girl decided to wee on the floor, not in the potty that was given to her.

The head of the girl was swelling and looked like a balloon when Zinaida Proskurina, the mother, found her on the ground.

The mother of the girl was at work when the incident happened.

When Ksenia stopped breathing, she called the authorities, which happened 24 hours after the initial incident.

When the paramedics arrived, they confirmed that the girl had passed away.

The medics were shocked to see the condition of the child and decided to call the authorities right away.

The step-father of the girl was arrested on the spot and confessed how he had killed the little innocent girl.

The incident happened in the city of Tolyatti, Western Russia on June 2019.

Forensic examinations showed the Ksenia was hit 20 times in the head and around 40 times all over the body.

The poor girl passed away from a hemorrhage that was caused by severe head injuries.

Zinaida, the mother of the girl, said that she knew that her husband was abusing their daughter, however, she did not do anything to protect her daughter.

The mother reportedly took images of the battered child and just showed them to her friends.

She also used make-up to keep the bruises of her daughter as secret.

Roman, a friend of the family, told the court that he once saw Proskurin kicking Ksenia in the belly, which left her on the floor and crying.

Talking about her mother, she just laughed.

Roman said:

Once Proskurin kicked Ksenia in the belly. She fell on to the floor and cried. Zinaida watched then laughed. I started protesting but he said that the child was naughty and needed a lesson.

The mother is currently being investigated for failing to fulfill parental duties.

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