Mozambique Man Arrested For Digging Up Parent’s Corpses To Swap Bones For Motorcycle

The Mozambique police reportedly arrested a man after he confessed that he dug up his dead parents and uncle in order to trade their bones for a motorcycle.

A man from the northern province of Nampula, Mozambique, has been arrested and is currently inside a police station jail after he confessed that he dug up 3 bodies so he could sell the bones to fund a motorcycle.

It is believed that he got $300 in cash for the bones that he sold.

According to a report, a businessman in Nampula told him to get bones of people who died without getting sick and in return, he would give a motorcycle.

The man said, “The boss told me to look for bones from people who died without getting sick. In exchange, you will get a motorbike.”

He added, “I went to a family cemetery, dug up the bones from my father’s, my mother’s and my uncle’s graves.”

The businessman that asked the man to get bones of dead people is reportedly involved in the exploration of mineral resources.

Bones of dead people are usually linked with witchcraft, which is really famous in Mozambique.

A spokesperson of the Mozambique police said that this is the 5th time this year that a similar incident has happened.

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